Requirements for the participants

Each participant has to follow the requirements during the stay at the territory of “LAB.33” (game zone and guest zone). 

Disregarding the requirements may cause personal injuries of various severity as well as unplanned derangement of the game’s course or its shutdown. 

In case of fixed non-observance of the requirements (any paragraph) the operator has a right to stop the game and ban further presence of a participant or a group of participants on the area of the establishment. The paid cost will not be refunded in this case. 

1. Participants under 16 years old are not allowed to take part in the game. 

Participants are not allowed to:

2. Attend “LAB.33” (game zone and guest zone) under alcoholic or drug intoxication, consume spirits.

3. Smoke on the whole area of the establishment.

4. Steal or damage any properties or equipment on the area (both in the guest zone and the game zone).

5. Carry through to the game zone and use during the game any equipment including mobile phones, cameras as well as hand tools (including cutting tools).

6. Touch power cords, unscrew the screws, the lamps.

7. The game is not recommended for the people with medical contradictions for being in a closed location under increased emotional and psychic stress, including heart and neuropsychic diseases.

8. In case of sudden worsening of health a participant must immediately inform the operator of the game and leave the game zone.

9. Participants should be careful when moving on the area of the establishment, particularly passing through thresholds and doors. 

The governing body of "LAB.33" is not responsible for infliction of harm to a participant’s health of any severity caused by non-observance of the present requirements and safety regulations. 

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