The frontier between imagination and reality is so slight and sometimes even not perceivable.
Dear Friends! We are sad to report that LAB.33 project has been closed since September 2016. Our team had great fun creating and running the escape games. These were most incredible two and a half years. We thank everyone who took part, helped, sympathized and got interested! But let us not be upset because there are plenty of high-quality escape rooms in the city. To choose an escape game in Moscow we recommend the web-portal for live-gaming Quest Adviser. We wish you strong impressions and maximal immersion!

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  •  24 June 2016

    «Such an adventure»

    It was an adventure to get there but it was so much fun. The game is very well curated and well translated into English.

  •  11 August 2015

    «Koma great as well!»

    Having tried and really liked Lab 33 on our last trip to Russia we had sky-high expectations on Koma, and absolutely loved it! I can't say which of the rooms I like more, as they are very different, but I really like the interior those guys have created in Koma. Once again we had an awesome game where every little detail was an integrated part of the story. I also love how well the guy who met us both times stays in character.

    Z0et Port Douglas, Australia
  •  14 July 2015

    «Best atmosphere for an escape room!»

    Excellent escape room but on top of that, the place is so well staged so well you feel like the story is way more legit. Great experience & really nice people, just watch out for getting overcharged by taxi drivers to get there.

  •  24 June 2016

    «Intense and challenging»

    This was my first escape quest, and I would definitely do it again, and recommend it to others! It was quite nerve wrecking for someone who is already scared of the dark and has a vivid imagination to do the quest alone. But it helped to remind myself the promise that no one would jump out to scare me even more. I'm guessing this could be fun for families as well, but too scary for the youngest kids. Bring your imagination, creativity and sense of logic.

  •  29 July 2015

    «Extraordinary experience»

    I've never tried quests earlier, but I was really astonished by this experience. The idea of moving back into the soviet times in Moscow is amazing, the realization of the concept - very professional (with the authentic items, you feel as if you go back into the decades) I can agree, it's hard oto get there, but when you treat it as a part of the adventure, you can additionally (to observe a REAL life of Moscow citizents - priceless!) The organizers are very helpful at the each stage of the event. I highly recommend it!

The Team
As kids we used to play computer quests and always dreamt to experience something alike in reality. In February 2014 we opened the first plot-based real quest “Laboratory 33” in Moscow and put in it not just effort and resources but also a part of ourselves. Make things with fanaticism, fairly and devotedly – that is the motto shared by the whole team of “LAB.33”. Within a year our idea gathered a circle of very nice and creative people: that are our operators, engineers, decorators. We are so proud of our friendly team. It is capable of everything!
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