A mystical thriller. You will set off for a strange journey across the scraps of memory of someone who’s fallen into coma. Help him awaken!
About the quest

English version avaialble! This atmospheric surrealistic quest will carry you over into a controlled dream.

Sergey Zabolotskyi has been in coma for several years. Since childhood he has possessed high extrasensory abilities and somehow he has dragged you out of your own dream. He needs your aid! Connecting scraps of memories and chains of associations you will immerse further and further into his disrupted and twisted inner world. But in the very depth of it something dark is hidden. An alien nature that is craving for absolute control under Sergey’s consciousness...

What will your voyage result in? What will happen to the main character? Will you awaken him from coma? Will you yourselves finally wake up?

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  •  11 August 2015

    «Koma great as well!»

    Having tried and really liked Lab 33 on our last trip to Russia we had sky-high expectations on Koma, and absolutely loved it! I can't say which of the rooms I like more, as they are very different, but I really like the interior those guys have created in Koma. Once again we had an awesome game where every little detail was an integrated part of the story. I also love how well the guy who met us both times stays in character.

    Z0et Port Douglas, Australia
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